Humane Trends is a barometer of the status of animal protection in the United States. This study brings together a collection of 25 diverse indicators to assess the status and progress of animal well-being, providing a comprehensive view of animal use and abuse in the United States to help inform animal advocates as well as policymakers and the public. Although Humane Trends compiles the most accurate data currently available for each indicator, the overall study is limited by the lack of reliable data regarding animal protection issues. Humane Trends serves to underscore the need for further research and more accurate information about our treatment of animals.

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Directly or indirectly, everyone living in the United States has an impact on the lives of animals. In order for the country to make changes to improve animal protection and mitigate animal cruelty and suffering, we must be aware of and understand the effects that we have on nonhuman animals. Measuring the state of animal protection in the United States through Humane Trends will help increase this understanding. The study also helps identify areas of animal protection where improvements have been made and where further changes are most needed.

The majority of Humane Trends indicators focus on issues that directly impact animals in four areas, including companion animals, animals used in science, wildlife and exotics, and farmed animals. The fifth and final category of indicators covers general measures that do not directly relate to specific types of animals, such as the amount of discussion of animal issues. Each indicator has an associated goal or target that represents what most animal advocates would consider the “ideal” state for that indicator.

A few highlights from the study:

  • 91 percent of U.S. adults say that protecting companion animals is important
  • There are 14 laws in seven states that limit the confinement of farm animals
  • Only 11 percent of U.S. medical schools require terminal animal labs
  • There are 376 endangered animal species in the U.S. as of 2010

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