Proportion of adults that are vegetarian/vegan

Method/Source: Using survey data from the Vegetarian Resource Group regarding the number of adult vegetarians and vegans in the U.S. The established goal is 100% of the population maintaining a vegetarian/vegan diet. The score calculates the current number of vegetarians and vegans, as a proportion of the 100% target.

Number of vegetarians/vegans in the U.S. (Out of 100)

See the underlying data (Table 17)

Discussion: A small minority of U.S. adults currently adheres to a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, as discussed previously, embracing a meat-free diet would eliminate vast amounts of suffering for farm animals while also benefiting human health and the environment. The goal for many animal advocates is to see the proportion of vegetarians and vegans increase dramatically, until the entire population is adhering to a diet free of animal products. Recently, the number of vegetarians and vegans in the U.S. has ranged between 2% of the U.S. adult population in 2006 to 3% in 2009.

Score: 3/100

Source: Vegetarian Resource Group

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