Proportion of adults who agree with overarching animal protection goals

Method/Source: Using research provided by the Humane Research Council’s Animal Tracker survey of U.S. adults, in which the question asks, “Do you personally support or oppose the animal protection movement’s goal to minimize and eventually eliminate all forms of animal cruelty and suffering?” The score is the current proportion of U.S. adults that “strongly” or “somewhat” support this goal, as a proportion of the target of 100%.

Adults who support animal protection goals

Adults who support animal protection goals (by year)

See the underlying data (Table 25)

Discussion: Many of the goals of the animal protection movement rely on individuals to change their behaviors and attitudes regarding animals. For advocates to achieve the specific goals discussed in this study, the U.S. population must have attitudes that reflect a desire to protect animals from cruelty and suffering. To measure this, we turned to a survey question that the Humane Research Council asked in 2008 and 2010 regarding support for the goal of ending cruelty toward and suffering of animals. The amount of support for this goal showed only a 1% decrease between 2008 and 2010, with 69% of people either "strongly" or "somewhat" supporting this goal in 2010.

Score: 69/100

Source: Humane Research Council, Animal Tracker Survey

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